Shh, it’s a secret. Where to eat cheap in Japan.

Well, cat's soon to be out of the bag. A few years ago I was watching one of the silly, repetitive Japanese talk shows and they did a segment on where to eat cheap in Tokyo. I became unusually attentive, because why pay more when you can have the same for less?! So, drumroll please,… Continue reading Shh, it’s a secret. Where to eat cheap in Japan.

Japanese/English Bilingual Education– The tools of the trade

As I've said previously, we are raising our sidekick to speak Japanese and English. Since we live in Japan and both my hubs and I speak English fluently, we've been golden. But, throwing in that proverbial cog, we are moving to India in a matter of weeks, so I've been assembling a tool box for… Continue reading Japanese/English Bilingual Education– The tools of the trade

Rules that are okay to break in Japan

Break a rule?! But doesn't that go against everything Japanese society is built upon? Nah, like, well, anywhere, there are plenty of rules (laws, even) that are socially acceptable to break. I was reminded of one today. I had a play date with friends at Shinjuku Gyoen, which in my opinion is the best major… Continue reading Rules that are okay to break in Japan

Where to go to buy “Made in Japan”

Ah, the good ol' Made in Japan brand. The powers that be have really done a superb job in maintaining and promoting the image of what it means for something to be Made in Japan. For me goods carrying such a label are high quality, made in a fair working environment, and have a pricetag… Continue reading Where to go to buy “Made in Japan”

Teaching my Toddler to Read in the Bath

Every time we'd stay with friends or family who have young kids in Japan I was always puzzled by the plastic stick-on posters they have in the bath. Is it really necessary to have a big map of Japan that lists what each prefecture is famous for over your bathtub? Um, eyesore much! Then a… Continue reading Teaching my Toddler to Read in the Bath

Toddlers in Public Spaces–The Japan Edition

I live in the very middle of Tokyo. There is no room in our apartment for my sidekick to run about letting off energy. Case in point--she is really into hide-and-seek right now, but the only place I can fit myself into to hide is the shower room. We also do not own a car.… Continue reading Toddlers in Public Spaces–The Japan Edition

Kids’ Menus Around the World

Pop out a kid, grow them to two years old or so, and suddenly you start taking note of kids' menus. Kids' menus in Japan generally consist of one of four set menus: the hamburg (salisbury steak) plate, the curry plate, udon, or pancakes. The sets always include rice, and now that I'm thinking about it I… Continue reading Kids’ Menus Around the World

My toddler is good at many things, including making me angry.

I never really knew anger until I became a mother. For as long as I can remember I have done whatever it takes to avoid conflict, be it extracting myself from uncomfortable situations or nodding & smiling when most people would shout. Maybe it's disingenuous, but it gives me a sense of control over my… Continue reading My toddler is good at many things, including making me angry.

That time we got into nursery school in Tokyo

Anyone familiar with the situation of nursery schools in Tokyo will understand how triumphant it felt to get accepted. For those who are unfamiliar with it, simply put there are not enough daycare centers to meet the demand, with over 47,000 children being waitlisted just this year. Our story begins at the local ward office. I approached… Continue reading That time we got into nursery school in Tokyo