The first hospital visit in India

A few short days after arriving I figured it'd be a prudent idea to scope out the recommended local hospital, Breach Candy, to be prepared for any emergencies, but also because I never got around to doing my Hepatitis vaccinations before moving over here. I called and inquired about making an appointment, which I was... Continue Reading →

Mumbai, India–First Impressions

Move over, India, we have arrived. But, actually no one is going to move unless you honk at them. I think that is my first impression of India--if you are not proficient in the language of honking, do not even attempt to drive here. Seriously, there is a language, lonnnng honks, short beep beeps--their nuanced... Continue Reading →

Planning a wedding in Japan

This post has been 5 years in the making. My hubs and I threw our wedding in October of 2012. But, it was an experience that will remain etched in my mind forever. It became very, very clear to me from the moment we announced our engagement that our wedding was not for us--it was... Continue Reading →

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