Tanoshii Osushiya-san (The Fun Sushi Restaurant)

There is that aisle at the supermarket (and I am sure this is universal)--the one that your toddler begins whining about the second you enter the store even though you're hoping to make it a quick get in, get your shit, and get out kinda trip. For us, this is the Anpanman aisle. Anpanman is... Continue Reading →


Manners at the Movies–It’s a cultural thing?

Movies. I like 'em. Lots of people like 'em. Some people even still go see them at the theater, although Disney CEO Dave Hollis' recent speech at CinemaCon was far from optimistic. Check out this LA times article for more on that: http://www.latimes.com/business/hollywood/la-fi-ct-disney-disruption-20170328-story.html. Ryan Faughnder, the author, wrote, "The picture is bleaker, however, among teenagers —... Continue Reading →

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