Cringe Inducing Introductory Post

To clarify, I will do the cringing, hopefully you’ll be nodding along approvingly. Something about introducing myself to the internet–Hey, internet, let’s be friends.–and attempting to convince it to love me just really triggers that dormant social anxiety.

1. I’m from the US–West coast, best coast.

2. I’ve been living in Japan for 8 years now. Sugoi!

3. But, I’ll be moving to India in 60-ish days with my sidekick–2 year old Elsa (no, that’s not her real name, but I’ll give you one guess as to what inspired it…)– to join my partner in crime who was transferred there for work.

16 years of education has led me to my current situation, a stay-at-home-mommy-translator-writer (tangent time, I spend at minimum 3 hours out of the house every day, so screw that stay-at-home bullshit).

Why start a blog now, I ask myself, because I need to take this blog post somewhere and questions are perfect lead-ins. Well, after annoying friends and family with numerous updates, political posts, and pictures of the sidekick, they pestered me into doing this. I swear. I didn’t want to…they made me do it…and something tells me you’re not buying what I’m selling. Writing a blog is an act of vanity (unless you’re one of those saints writing about all the firefighters saving little kitties out of trees and then donating all your proceeds to breast cancer research, in which case, good-on-ya) and I think our upcoming big life changes could prove pretty dang interesting, so maybe someone else will too? Anyone?

get down


2 thoughts on “Cringe Inducing Introductory Post

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  1. I love your writing and your sense of humor. I really wish I could write like that. For some reason, at least to me, my writing seems too dry. Maybe I’m just being too self-aware or insecure about it, that doesn’t mean I’ll give up though.

    I know you just started this blog, like 3 hours ago, but yeah you definitely need a lot more content and I know you’ll probably get to that. If you’re writing posts like this then it will be very easy to write a post everyday if you have the time. The more you post, the more readers you’ll attain and hopefully engagement along with it.

    Also I don’t know if you know anything about SEO. It is important to know a little about it for your blog. There’re plenty of blogs out there that are all about SEO or blogging that can help you out.

    That’s it for now and I’ll be looking forward to your next post.

    Thanks Amanda,
    Matt Hutson


    1. Thanks for the love, Matt. You’re right, I know nothing! SEO?! Say whaaa. I will definitely dig into it. As for me, I’m just going to try to be as truthful and upfront as I possibly can, which is really all the advice I can give at this point. ❤ Again, thanks senpai!


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