Tanoshii Osushiya-san (The Fun Sushi Restaurant)

There is that aisle at the supermarket (and I am sure this is universal)–the one that your toddler begins whining about the second you enter the store even though you’re hoping to make it a quick get in, get your shit, and get out kinda trip. For us, this is the Anpanman aisle. Anpanman is the most popular kid’s cartoon in Japan and boy is he special, but we’ll save that story for another day. In any case, we peruse this aisle slowwwwly, making sure to check out every single sweet in the damn thing, until we find “the one.” A few months ago I noticed a shelf of small colorful boxes–sushi themed, donut themed, and so on. I picked one up, scanned the directions, and KANJI. Yes, I can read it, but it takes a whole different level of concentration and dedication, so passssss. Until today.


Ta-da, or as we say in Japanese, jya-jya~n. It cost around 300 yen (less than 3 US dollars) and was so freaking worth it. All you need is water and every step is meticulously laid out for you. So easy a 2 year old can do it, literally. PLUS, they even printed how to access English, Chinese, and Korean video instructions right on the box!


The logistics: basically, it is made up of various colors of grape flavored sugar jelly that required lots of mixing, which my sidekick loves. We made one mini chirashi-zushi, one mini ikura roll, four mini maguros, and four mini tamagos. It also comes with sugar soy sauce.


The highlight: Making the ikura (fish eggs). You suck up the orange colored liquid into an eye dropper and plop, plop, plop it slowly into a second sectioned off area of blue liquid and instantly tiny, perfectly round, squishy “fish eggs” appear. How do they do it?!!! I am pretty sure *Elsa thought I was a witch, as she kept squealing, “Magic! Magic!” Here is where I probably should have looked closer into the science of it, but, aw, she believes in magic. swoon.

In the end, I had to polish off the sushi since the child didn’t like the flavor (don’t blame her, really didn’t taste all that great). S’all good though, process not product, right?

Anyway, Kracie, the makers of the line of confectionery kits, gets a big thumbs up from me. We will be buying the rest of them for ourselves and as presents for friends.


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