There are beans on my ice cream.

Not just any ol' beans, but sweet azuki beans combined with all the contents of a canned fruit cocktail. And it's not ice cream, per say, but shaved ice smothered in condensed milk. Originally from Kagoshima, it is called Shirokuma, which means polar bear in Japanese. When dessert comes around there are usually two roads you... Continue Reading →


Rules that are okay to break in Japan

Break a rule?! But doesn't that go against everything Japanese society is built upon? Nah, like, well, anywhere, there are plenty of rules (laws, even) that are socially acceptable to break. I was reminded of one today. I had a play date with friends at Shinjuku Gyoen, which in my opinion is the best major... Continue Reading →

Kids’ Menus Around the World

Pop out a kid, grow them to two years old or so, and suddenly you start taking note of kids' menus. Kids' menus in Japan generally consist of one of four set menus: the hamburg (salisbury steak) plate, the curry plate, udon, or pancakes. The sets always include rice, and now that I'm thinking about it I... Continue Reading →

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