Dean & Deluca Shinjuku– Crash Chocolate Muffin


“Sugar high. Gotta have it. Really need it to get by. Sugar high.”

Damn you, F-book. For a month a picture of this bad boy has been making its rounds, so I caved and made the trip over to Shinjuku’s Dean & Deluca. Just head out the South exit of the JR Shinjuku Station, immediately turn left, walk past the ticket machines, into Lumine 2, drag yourself past the rainbow display of macaroons at Lauduree, and for 360 yen (about $3.25 US) you will be the proud new owner of the Crash Chocolate Muffin. If you’re anything like me, this love affair is a fleeting one–we made it six hours, but only because I had to wait until my 2 year old sidekick was snuggled into bed before even attempting to disrobe it. I assume no explanation is needed.

It was a good muffin. Typical white muffin base, spotted with dime sized chocolate pieces. The best part, however, were the halved Oreos crashing into it. Not because Oreos are good–like, they are and stuff. But, these Oreos had clearly been added to the muffin before baking, giving them a slightly burnt, smoky flavor. And here’s where it gets weird–I’m a sucker for slightly burnt food. Marshmallows, well, duh, that’s rookie shit. Hotdogs, now we’re getting there. Popcorn, a billion times better burnt. Burnt chocolate chip cookies, though, nirvana.

I chased my burnt Oreo cookie muffin with a glass of milk. Full fat, thank you Japan. Seriously, US, what is with you and that gross 2%, 1%, non-fat crap. I cannot drink it anymore. Milk is a topic I look forward to coming back to after moving to India. Apparently I can get it delivered to my house, or buy it from the supermarket, or buy it raw on the street and pasteurize it  myself. And then there is water buffalo milk. I’m going to try it allllllll.

Thanks, Internet, for indulging me. ❤


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  1. This looks quite good. By the way I personally would like to see a few posts about culture and the perspective and experiences/difficulties and pleasantries as American/foreigner living in Japan. I’m not sure about what the rest of the internet thinks but I think it’s an interesting topic. What do you think about that?


    1. Thanks for the comment, Matt. I can definitely think of a few ways to approach such a post. I get nervous when writing from such a perspective though, because I don’t want to generalize (or trivialize) the experience of being a foreigner in Japan. Each person experiences it differently, ya know?


      1. Yeah I can definitely vouch for that. And also I just want to say whatever you post will be great anyway. Don’t feel discouraged since building up content and also a feel for your own blog does take a long time. I’ve been at it for almost 2 years now but I’m finally getting really into this year. Most important is that you write about what makes you happy and there is for sure to be followers of your writing. Just pretend like you’re talking to a friend.

        Then there’s the idea of a niche, well I guess yours right now mainly focuses on Japan, but soon you’ll be moving to India which might change your approach to this blog. It’ll take you in a new direction which could definitely be exciting. I hope you’ll find even more inspiration for the content of your blog when you arrive there and I really encourage you to keep writing. Like you told me when I first found out that you started a blog that ‘Us bloggers need to stick together!’

        Thanks Amanda!


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