There are beans on my ice cream.

Convini Shirokuma

Not just any ol’ beans, but sweet azuki beans combined with all the contents of a canned fruit cocktail. And it’s not ice cream, per say, but shaved ice smothered in condensed milk. Originally from Kagoshima, it is called Shirokuma, which means polar bear in Japanese.
When dessert comes around there are usually two roads you can travel: the chocolate route, or the fruit course. 9 times out of 10 I choose the chocolate, until a good friend convinced me to give the polar bear shaved ice a chance. It has revolutionized my approach to dessert, and beans for that matter. You can get pre-made Shirokuma cups in the frozen section of every convenience store. They hold me over until Japan warms and kakigoori (shaved ice) makes its way back onto menus. After referencing Google-sensei, I came across this list of restaurants serving Shirokuma in Tokyo (in Japanese). I’ve earmarked the first two places, IchiNiSan in Hibiya & Funawa in Asakusa for my next Shirokuma fixes. If anyone gets there first, tell me you understand the power of Shirokuma and we can be bean and ice cream friends forever.


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