Recent 100 yen shop purchases

I am not ashamed to admit that my sidekick and I make weekly trips to 100 yen shops to pick out various doodads and thing-a-ma-jigs we don’t need. Sometimes we experience buyer’s remorse, but sometimes we also come away with little items that end up enriching our lives. We’ve made three such purchases over the last few weeks.

From Seria–the design conscious 100 yen store. Also the place to go if you want 100 yen Disney or Japanese character goods.

1. Stretchy shoelaces! I got the heads up from a mamatomo (mom friend) after a day at the park continuously untying and re-tying my shoes to chase after the kids. I’m a longtime Converse fan, but stopped buying them after moving to Japan because they are such a pain in the ass to take on and off whenever you enter a house, or sometimes even a restaurant. Recently, I gave in and bought a pair of all black Convies as they were the most reasonably priced somewhat fashion-forward option. The stretchy shoelaces turn them into slip-ons, eliminating embarrassing scenes of sitting on the floor to tug them on at family’s houses (no shoe horn…). Bonus, I hear India is also strict about removing shoes when entering homes.
2. A dinosaur excavation kit. They also had sea animal & shell excavation kits too. But my child prefers anything that roars. For 100 yen, the quality was tops. Had I let her, my sidekick would have continued chiseling away for an hour. I don’t have that kind of patience though, so after 10 minutes or so of digging (and only making a few shallow scratches) mommy took over and she was demoted to dust duty. Another ten minutes of heavy excavation and the dinosaur–a brachiosaurus–was free to join his buddies. As she says, “It’s too much fun,” but maybe best for kids with a bit more power behind their chiseling.

From Daiso– the most popular 100 yen shop with the most variety of goods.

100 yen.jpg
3. ABC letter cutter for making lunch boxes. I use it to cut out ham or cheese letters to decorate *Elsa’s food. Great for reading practice and keeps her busy “helping” while I cook.

We have a few more 100 yen store trips to go before leaving for India. Anyone bought anything good recently?


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  1. Can’t wait to be in Japan this summer and go to 100 yen shops! Last time I bought a cute sugar pot shaped like a duckling and it makes me smile whenever I use it 🦆


    1. Thanks for the comment! I feel like the selection of items available are even more kawaii than ever. Maybe due to an increase in variety tv shows doing segments on how to do interior design using 100yen shop goods. Just one problem remains–can you fit it all in a suitcase? 😉 Happy shopping!

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      1. No I can’t so I send myself packages by funabin !!! Last time I got a selection of Alice in wonderland items that were so cute. Happy shopping to you too.

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      2. Also they have more things for dogs (and pets too). Last year my suitcase was stolen in Roissy with all the gifts for my doggy so this year I’m taking some with me.


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