One thing I will not miss about Japan: Toilet Humor

Ok, folks, this is going to be a quickie because I’m swamped with freelance projects and moving prep (movers come this weekend–eek!).

I met some mothers at the park today that also play at our local jidoukan, public play center? is maybe how to explain that one. Anyway, it had been a few months since meeting them so I delivered the news that we’re leaving for India in a matter of weeks. Cue reactions of, “Wow!” “What are you going to do?” “If it were me, I’d stay home and tell my husband to go alone.” The conversation shifted, as it often does, to how great Japan is and how easy it is to live here.


toilet candy
Mocomoco Mocoretto 4–available at your friendly, neighborhood supermarket 

Well, I’d just like to say, one thing that has really made me uncomfortable, that I just can’t get used to, is the toilet humor. Ew, ew, ew. I’ve had enough–from the young kids that run around giving surprise kanchous (enemas) to the children’s toy I discovered today. It’s a pink toilet that you fill with fizzing powder and water and slurp through a straw. Yes, I bought it. No, it didn’t taste good. I’m at that stage where I have to do everything that I won’t be able to do soon and I figured this definitely qualifies. Plus, it makes for good blog material. I also saw an advertisement on the train yesterday for a kanji drill book where every sentence is somehow related to unko (shit). God only knows why, but if you’re interested the url is the aptly titled

Sayonara, toilet humor. You will not be missed. (Someone please tell me bowel movements are not acceptable dinner talk in India?!)


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  1. Wow Amanda it looks like you’ve been busy on your blog! Along with many other things (packing and toddler). I enjoyed this post! It’s hilarious and a bit disgusting too.

    Good work though, that’s awesome you’re able to find the time and it looks like you’ve got a good following. Mine is picking up as well. Oh yes and I will probably soon be switching over to WordPress with my own domain (shhh…don’t tell anyone, it’s still a secret)



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