Japan’s best vending machine: The King’s Treasure Box

Update on the last three weeks of our lives:
Movers came and packed up all of our precious memories and shipped half off to India. The rest are stored…somewhere. I signed a lot of papers that day, and I’m still not exactly sure where everything is.
We’ve been living in a hotel for three weeks, but really, having someone clean your tub, refill your coffee, and arrange your child’s stuffed bear in a creative pose everyday is not half bad.
I’ve been working like crazy getting all the research done that I needed for a freelance job before leaving.
Off to India tomorrow morning!!

I wanted to get in one last post while we still live in Japan. Finally, after eight years I gave into the temptation: The King’s Treasure Box. They are big, black mystery vending machines found in out of the way places. Insert your 1,000 yen (about ten bucks US) and get a prize! Apparently it is possible to win Disneyland tickets, digital cameras, Nintendo 3DS, etc., but they are renowned for nearly always giving out cheap plastic useless (hilarious) toys.
It was fate. On the main road that connects our hotel to the nearest station there has been a King’s Treasure Box taunting me everyday. I walked by a group of junior high boys crowded around it yelling, and through a sideways-pretending-I’m-not-interested glance saw they had won a DS! Damnit, missed my chance, because for sure they don’t put more than one good prize in those things…ever.

Even still, this being my final day living in Japan, I succumbed, and after a long day of buying presents for other people, decided to try my luck. Insert your money and an unmarked white box is served up. I smuggled my box into my shopping bags and quickly returned to the hotel. It was pretty light weight so I was convinced I’d fallen into the trap of the King’s Treasure Box. But…


Upon opening it, my prize turned out to be something useful, especially in India. It’s a mini-fan that plugs into the port of any Android or iPhone, and it’s actually pretty powerful. So, thanks for the parting gift, Japan. I’ll make good use of it. ❤

Anyone else ever tried their luck? What was your treasure??


4 thoughts on “Japan’s best vending machine: The King’s Treasure Box

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  1. I wasn’t entirely sure what it was so i did a search, read this and went “worth it!” I got a multi coloured strobe effect light bulb with a remote… But I’ll forever wonder what else is in that machine, and am far too irresponsible with money I’m genuinely tempted to get out every prize 😉


    1. haha! Love that my post inspired you to go for it. Sorry you ended up with a strobe light! But, actually not, because now you can rave anywhere you want–and end the rave at the push of a button! Man, now I kind of wish I got a mini remote controlled strobe light. 😉


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