Letting it all out, that one stereotype about India

Backstory, when I was 17 I made the mistake of eating actual food--not ice cream--at the local DQ. Cue 12 + hours cursing myself for being so stupid as I hugged the toilet of a friend's parents' bathroom. From then on, every year, sometimes multiple times a year, I spend hours getting to know the... Continue Reading →


Japan’s best vending machine: The King’s Treasure Box

Update on the last three weeks of our lives: Movers came and packed up all of our precious memories and shipped half off to India. The rest are stored...somewhere. I signed a lot of papers that day, and I'm still not exactly sure where everything is. We've been living in a hotel for three weeks,... Continue Reading →

Kids’ Menus Around the World

Pop out a kid, grow them to two years old or so, and suddenly you start taking note of kids' menus. Kids' menus in Japan generally consist of one of four set menus: the hamburg (salisbury steak) plate, the curry plate, udon, or pancakes. The sets always include rice, and now that I'm thinking about it I... Continue Reading →


8 years in Japan and I finally made it to Nagoya, the third largest (4th most populous) city. Up until now Nagoya was just a stop on the shinkansen (hereafter lovingly referred to as the shink) that I passed through countless times during my days of long distance love with the hubs. He lived in... Continue Reading →

The Exotic–Esoteric or Exoteric?

Hello Internet, my old friend. I've come to talk with you again. We're going to get deep, so prepare thyself! I traveled home to the US last November for a month. It was my first time spending more than two weeks there since leaving for Kobe, Japan in August of 2009. Before the trip, I... Continue Reading →

Manners at the Movies–It’s a cultural thing?

Movies. I like 'em. Lots of people like 'em. Some people even still go see them at the theater, although Disney CEO Dave Hollis' recent speech at CinemaCon was far from optimistic. Check out this LA times article for more on that: http://www.latimes.com/business/hollywood/la-fi-ct-disney-disruption-20170328-story.html. Ryan Faughnder, the author, wrote, "The picture is bleaker, however, among teenagers —... Continue Reading →

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