The reason my garlic is black.

It is Golden Week--a series of public holidays--here in Japan. So, we took a trip to the countryside to visit relatives. Nothing like sipping on a cold beer while gazing out the huge patio window onto the surrounding farmlands, pregnant with wheat and gobou. Such a stark contrast with our tiny Tokyo apartment, where I never open... Continue Reading →

Tonjiru for the soul.

Chances are if you have ever traveled or lived abroad you truly appreciate the importance of comfort food. Does it strike anyone else how favorite comfort foods from home are so difficult to buy or replicate abroad? What gives? Or maybe it's a reverse psychological effect "gimme what I can't get" deal. Smoked bacon, pepperjack... Continue Reading →

There are beans on my ice cream.

Not just any ol' beans, but sweet azuki beans combined with all the contents of a canned fruit cocktail. And it's not ice cream, per say, but shaved ice smothered in condensed milk. Originally from Kagoshima, it is called Shirokuma, which means polar bear in Japanese. When dessert comes around there are usually two roads you... Continue Reading →

Rules that are okay to break in Japan

Break a rule?! But doesn't that go against everything Japanese society is built upon? Nah, like, well, anywhere, there are plenty of rules (laws, even) that are socially acceptable to break. I was reminded of one today. I had a play date with friends at Shinjuku Gyoen, which in my opinion is the best major... Continue Reading →

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